Tax refund 2019 – how to calculate it? – loans with a guarantor of up to 25,000 usd

In Poland, it is necessary to settle accounts with the tax authorities. For many, this is a huge problem, because you need to follow the changes in law on a regular basis to settle your tax correctly. Who is entitled to the tax return in 2019 ? How to calculate it?

We already know and now we share our knowledge with you!

Who is entitled to a tax refund?


The tax refund 2019 is payable to those who show an overpayment in the annual declaration. Of course, this does not mean that everyone will receive a refund right away. You must first document everything. When can I get a tax refund? First of all, when we show increased tax deductible costs. This situation most often applies to those employed on a mandate contract or a specific task contract.

Also employed under an employment contract may show higher tax deductible costs when they commute to work far from home. Tax refunds are also payable to those who show that in the previous year the amount of advance payments was higher than the tax due. What’s more, people who benefit from tax breaks and deductions can apply for a tax refund .

In this way, the amount of tax due also decreases, and the basis for deduction can be family-friendly discounts (depending on the number of children), health discounts (for medicines, for rehabilitation equipment), as well as discounts for cars or the Internet.

How to calculate the tax refund?

How to calculate the tax refund?

If you are looking for a quick and easy solution, we suggest using the PIT calculator on the website of the Ministry of Finance. To calculate the 2019 tax refund , you only need a few details, and the procedure is very easy. First you need to choose the method of income tax settlement and indicate the tax year from which you want to calculate the tax refund, i.e. 2018. then you add the amounts of income and enter them in the appropriate columns in the calculator.

Include the amount of tax advances paid


You repeat the same steps with the costs of earned income, you must also include the amount of tax advances paid, social security and health deductions. After entering all the data, the calculator will calculate whether you have underpayment or overpayment and indicate its amount.