Ten Facts of Buddhism



Buddhism is the Chinese belief. This has been believed that it is a practice and spiritual development that will lead to insight into the true nature of life. For those who believe in this religion they practice in meditation that means of changing oneself in order to develop all the qualities of every people’s awareness, kindness and wisdom.

Let’s understand the ten facts in Buddhism religion:

1. Buddhism starts from its man follower known Buddha.

2. and about 500 million Buddhists worldwide already.

3. This kind of religious belief is base on the teaching of Siddharta Gautama that was popularly known Buddha. He is teaching Buddhism using The Four Noble Truths and The Noble Eightfold Path.

4. The four noble truth contains:

The Truth of Suffering: All is suffering.

The Arising of Suffering: Suffering arises from desire and delusion.

The Cessation of Suffering: Nirvana is the solution.

The Truth of the Way: How to achieve Nirvana.

5. While the Noble Eightfold Path includes eight concepts, and this concepts would lead them to nirvana. This is divided into three categories:

Sila: moral conduct

Samadhi: mental concentration (meditation).

Panna: wisdom.

6. Using Theravada Buddhism and Mahayana Buddhism this has been already spread in two main schools or branches.

7. Theravada means “Doctrine of the Elders”. Known to be the oldest in surviving schools of Buddhism that represent a conservative option that maintains many practices and beliefs for the early followers of Buddha.

8. While Mahayana means “The Great Vehicle”. This is the greatest surviving school that changes the content of Buddhist practice in profound ways.

9. Both the Theravada and Mahayana accept the Tripitakas (also known as Pali Canon) as their scriptures.

10. The Mahayana also have the Mahayana Sutras, which they regard as more important than the Pali Canon. The Theravada finds these Sutras as irrelevant.

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  1. Buddhism spiritual practice added value to our life and Buddhism is basically about an end to suffering…

  2. kamal kujur says:

    i am interested in conversion of buddhism kindly guide me.

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