Buddhism Can Be Explored With The Power Of Social Media


Religions have taken social media by storm.  There are many platforms for social media and tools for communicating through them.  Whether Protestant, Catholic, or Buddhist,  etc. religions are all using the power that social media presents, to their benefit.


Ways Religions Utilize Social Media


You will be hard pressed to find religions of any persuasion that do not use online social media to communicate to their parishioners or members.  Whether on You Tube, Facebook, or others, even clergy are setting up their own Facebook Pages.  Even the churches or temples have a Facebook page of their own, as if the building has something to say. Learn how to unlock your iPhone 5 to access all the social media sites available.


On Facebook, religious institutions set up Fan Pages to see how many “likes” they can receive.  They also use methods to drive visitors to these pages, paying particular attention to driving traffic from younger people to show them that they offer information and activities that they will find relevant to them.


How Social Media And Buddhism Can Intersect


Daily tweets on Twitter to other members of the Buddhist faith are a fruitful method that some people are using.  On Facebook, typing in the work “Buddhism” in the search box will provide you with a vast number of options of entities to befriend.  Whether Buddhist Temples or followers of the Buddhist Religions, there are others who have set up social media outlets and you’re only a click away from finding them.  Using Google can also lead you to social media sites that celebrate Buddhism.


Since Buddhism is a religion that encourages people to connect to one another and social media allows people who normally are disconnected due to distance, different time zones, etc. to connect, marrying the two is almost instinctive.  The teachings of this religion can be shared in groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  Then members of the group can share meditations through posting.  On Pinterest, boards can be set up and the meditations and other information can be pinned on the boards and shared with those categories that relate to religion.


The power of social media is not up for dispute.  Followers of the Buddhist faith feel the same way about their religion.  There is much more research that can be done to determine how Buddhism and social media are interconnected.  It is left up to your imagination to determine more.


Livedrive: Your online backup resource


It is very important to keep your files or data in a secured place where you have the ability to access them anytime you want. Having an online backup support system will give you the peace of mind knowing that your files are safe without worrying about losing them any moment. There are many ways to back up your files and one of which is with the use of USB’s or portable hard drives. However, just like your computer, these tools may malfunction which can cause you to lose all those important files. The solution to this predicament is to utilize an online backup storage system that is reliable and at the same time affordable.

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How to Change Name by Deed Poll


What is a deed poll?

Another way to change or modify your name is through a deed poll. A deed poll is a valid document. Issuance of this authoritative legitimate register has been practiced for almost 150 years in the UK. By keeping copies of your deed poll, you can also change your records and other documents bearing your previous name.

How it works

Adeed poll can be secured through deed poll providers. They process the document which will bear a certified seal of approval identified by the various departments of the UK government along with other organizations. This document will be issued through postage. Some companies even provide extra ‘legal copies’ in case you lost or misplaced your own copy. To change name by deed poll does not necessarily require courtroom procedure or a solicitor. All you have to do is make sure that the recognized document is properly written and confirm the changes using your genuine signature. The document will be validated. Once done, you can start informing organizations that you have changed your name.

Deed poll reminders

It is important to carefully choose the deed poll provider that will process your document.Strictly avoid whatever kind of offers to provide a red sticker for your deed poll document. There is no such thing as a mandatory brand stamp. It’s most likely a scheme to make you pay for additional payments that are not really necessary. For many years, the deed poll document bearing genuine signatures are recognized as binding or valid. Paying for deed providers to keep or document extra copies for you is simply wrong. All you need is to print your own ‘extra’ copies. You can do this in your own at home and you can even print as many copies as you want.

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